About us

About us

The story of Onyahbike starts back in 2017 with the introduction of Mobike in the Australian Market. Mobike was one of the first companies to operate in the new Micro-mobility industry. It was founded in 2015 in China, not long after it expanded globally, setting up operations in more than 190 cities.

After two very challenging years, owners of Mobike decided to restructure, shutting down smaller operations with focus on sites with larger scale of operations. Australia was not on the list and continued to operate.

A group of ‘young multicultural entrepreneurs’ who are passionate about Ecological Living, were aware of the situation and made enquiries to try and salvage the remaining operations of Mobike in Mexico, Chile and Australia.

Just before all the companys’ bikes were taken to be scrapped at the tip, they managed to close a deal and acquired the company on the 20th August 2019. A large number of the bikes had already been recycled and a contract with the Gold Coast City Council to provide share bikes service won through tender in 2018 had been terminated by previous management. You could say it was a shambles and all the remaining bikes were still locked in storage in Queensland.

The Micro-mobility Industry was not doing well and almost all shared bike schemes had failed, Mobike was one of the last standing. It was at this point that Mobike Management had to make some drastic changes and decisions in order to save the company. The name was changed and OnyahBike was born, a new version tailored specifically for Australians mobility needs, with the vision of being the first successful Share Bikes scheme in the country.

We recognise traffic congestion will be an ongoing issue in Sydney and all major cities in Australia and the world. OnyahBike offers a clean/sustainable/economic way of commuting in these large cities.

It’s been one year and we are still going strong! The future is exciting!

Local Governments worldwide are recognizing the Micro-mobilty Industry and the positive impact we can have on reducing pollution and the important role we will play in the near future with the creation of smart cities (MaaS). Public transportation is becoming more clean and efficient and we are leading the way in share bike innovation.

We have learned from previous players mistakes.

Onyahbike is here to stay. We just won’t stop pedalling!

If you believe in the Share bikes system, we need your support!

From the Team at OnyahBike

Alexandria – Sydney